How To Order Food From Kitchen Hero’s Website: A Step By Step Guide

At the end of a 10- to 15-hour remote workday, the least you’d want to do is reach for another device just because your food delivery app is mobile-only. And when you’re already ravenous for something new and satisfying for your tastebuds, having to comb through hundreds of restaurants on your food delivery app can feel like absolute torture. 
Having too many menu and restaurant options can be detrimental not only to hungry customers but also to small food businesses that have to compete with the multinational fast-food chains on the same platform. However, over the course of many companies having to downscale because of the pandemic, an innovative business model rose to help the Filipino food and beverage industry get back on its feet: cloud kitchens.

What is Kitchen Hero?

One of these cloud kitchens is Kitchen Hero, a food service provider that allows small restaurants to continue their operations without the expensive overhead costs of maintaining a physical restaurant. Kitchen Hero offers a new lease on life to aspiring restaurateurs, so that they may reach new customers and continue to tell their stories through food. 

Our food merchants let their magic happen at HOLA Eat Drink Play, our sustainable kitchen in the heart of Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Our physical kitchen currently houses the following brands:


HOLA Eat Drink Play is an eco-friendly resto-bar that presents a wide range of playful food offers in the Filipino-Spanish-Mexican cuisine By combining avant-garde flavors with all-time favorites, HOLA satisfies all palates in every dish and cocktail. 

Deliceuse Mess

The Deliceuse Mess Bakery provides a range of pastries made to satisfy more than just your sweet tooth. The Bakery’s revel bars, brownies, muffins, and cookies are also perfect for munching in between work calls house chores.

Ebi Ko

Ebi-Ko offers classic Japanese cuisine favorites such as maki, rolls, kani salad, and donburi. Want a healthy option for full meals? Choose from Ebi-Ko’s selection of bento boxes!

AfterSesh Bar

The AfterSesh Bar serves up experimental concoctions for casual and curious drinkers at any time of the day. Level up your celebrations with these unique and creative refreshments, courtesy of AfterSesh. 


Tagpuan is a Filipino restaurant that features classic local recipes and new fusion favorites. Originally based in San Juan, La Union, Tagpuan now offers comfort foods best for winding down and sharing good times with friends and loved ones.

Here’s the best part about Kitchen Hero: because all of our partner merchants prepare their food in our main kitchen, customers can order from multiple restaurants without having to pay additional fees!

Kitchen Hero caters to a vast number of cuisines and foodie tastes to satisfy your cravings. We’re also looking to invite more restaurants in the near future, and if you know someone or you’re interested in partnering with us, just send an email inquiry at

How to Order from Kitchen Hero?

Ordering your new favorites through Kitchen Hero is so easy! Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Kitchen Hero website. 

Access our website by typing in on your device’s browser or search engine. Kitchen Hero’s website can be navigated on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 

  1. Browse the menus.

You can browse the individual menus of our partner merchants, especially if you’ve already found a favorite among their food selections. But if you’re still looking for something to tickle your tastebuds with, you can simply scroll down to see our Featured Menu, or click the “Menu” and “Bar List” on the upper section of the site. 

  1. Add your chosen meals to your cart.

Has ogling at food choices whetted your appetite yet? Add them to your cart by clicking the plus (+) icon in each item! You’ll see a confirmation like in the photo below, and simply click “OK” to continue browsing the menus. Once you’ve made your selection, click the shopping cart icons on the top or bottom right of the screen to review them. 

  1. Hosting a feast? You can also order in bulk or advance!

We highly encourage ordering in advance if you’d like meals prepared in bulk. Simply click “Order In Bulk” in the top right corner of the page, and you’ll be directed to our Bulk Order Form as seen below.

Indicate your order and contact details in the form. You may also specify the date and time that you’d want to receive your order, by selecting the “Schedule date of Order” on the form. To give our kitchen ample time to prepare, Bulk Orders are not available for same-day delivery. 

If you’re having a hard time placing your bulk orders on the website, you can directly contact us at (028) 371 6058, (+63) 917 705 6891, or (+63) 917 627 5382.

  1. Review your order.

A sidebar will open up so you can review the food items you’ve added to your cart. We’ve displayed the subtotal for you, and you can add or remove items by clicking the plus (+) or garbage-can icons beside each item.

Take your cart to checkout by clicking on the following buttons:

  • The “Guest Checkout” option allows you to order meals without having to create a Kitchen Hero account. 
  • The “Checkout” option will have you log in to your Kitchen Hero account, where you can track your current and previous orders under a personal dashboard. 

A Kitchen Hero account also lets you leave reviews about your orders. By ordering through an account, you can also receive birthday treats and exclusive discounts, and be notified of promos from your favorite restaurants in advance!

  1. Indicate your delivery details. 

At the Checkout page, you’ll have to input your correct address and contact details so our partner riders can find you and deliver your order. We’ve pinned our kitchen in the attached Google Maps, to help you visualize where your food will be coming from. 

There’s no minimum order amount for you to avail of Kitchen Hero’s food delivery services. However, you can review the delivery rate to your location based on your preferred delivery apps. We’ve partnered with DingDong PH and LalaMove to get our meals to your table.

  1. Pay for your order.

Scroll a little further down on the Checkout Page and you’ll see a selection of accepted payment methods. Each option already contains Kitchen Hero’s correct payment details – you may simply scan-to-pay or input our account numbers in your banking app. 

Should you choose to do online payment through UnionBank, BDO, GCash, or other credit/debit cards, you are required to upload a Proof of Payment before you can place your order. We encourage these payment methods if you’re paying for more than PhP1,000.

For orders less than PhP1,000, we accept Cash-On-Delivery payments via the cash handling of our delivery partners. Depending on the delivery partner, this service comes at an additional charge.

  1. Receive your order confirmation.

Keep an eye on your inbox – the order confirmation will come through immediately! This confirmation is simply a summary of your order details, to make sure our kitchen got your order right. You can also stay posted on this email thread to receive further updates on the status of your order. 

  1. Track your order delivery.

If you’ve created an account, you can track your order live through a personal dashboard on the Kitchen Hero website. However, Guest Customers can also track their order through a link provided in the email confirmation. 

You can still cancel your order even if you’ve already received the email confirmation. But if your order is already on the ‘processing’ and ‘packing’ status, it can no longer be canceled. 

We aim to get our meals to your table within one (1) hour of your order being placed on the Kitchen Hero website. However, you may expect delays depending on your delivery address or the number of meals you ordered. 

  1. Get ready to dig in!

Our delivery partner will give you updates via text message on the rider’s location. Once you’ve received your order, kindly allow our friendly rider to document proof of the successful delivery. 

Now, it’s time to enjoy! Kick back with our hearty meals prepared sustainably and passionately in our very own cloud kitchen. Don’t forget to leave a review about any aspect of our delivery service through your Kitchen Hero account — this helps us improve where our customers need us best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create a Kitchen Hero account?

Ordering from our restaurants through a Kitchen Hero account gives you so many exclusive benefits and delivery features than ordering without one. You must create your Kitchen Hero account before you add menu items to your cart, so that your order and selection of meals can be linked right to you.

Create your account by clicking “Register” on the top-right corner of the Menu page. You only need to provide your full name, an email, and a password to get your account up and running. Simple as that!

  • Does Kitchen Hero have an app?

Kitchen Hero is a mobile-ready e-commerce platform where you can already order and pay directly through your web browsers, regardless if you’re using a phone, tablet, or desktop. Our mobile app is still in development, so stay tuned!

  • What is the status of my order?

Throughout your Kitchen Hero experience, you’ll receive different updates about the status of your order. Here’s what those updates mean:

  1. Confirmed — You’ll receive an email confirming the successful payment of your order. However if you opted for Cash-On-Delivery or bank transfer (with receipt attachment), Kitchen Hero will call your indicated mobile number to confirm your order. 
  1. Processing — Our Kitchen Hero chefs are now preparing your orders in our eco-friendly, sustainable cloud kitchen. 
  1. Packing — We’re about to dispatch your order to our delivery partners, and we’re packing it right just to make sure your meals are savory by the time they reach you!
  1. For Delivery — Your order is now in the hands of our friendly riders, and on its way to your given address.
  1. Order Completed — You’ve just received your order, and our friendly rider will then document proof of the successful delivery. 
  • Does KH operate 24 hours?

Kitchen Hero is open to receiving orders and inquiries from 8:00am – 10:00pm daily. On holidays, we announce changes in this schedule on our social media pages. 

  • What areas are available for delivery?

Kitchen Hero services to all of Mega Manila. So whether you’re having an intimate home dinner or hosting an end-of-quarter celebration in the office, we’ve got you covered! We’re also looking forward to expanding our operations in the near future. We’ll keep you posted!

  • Can I recommend other restaurants to join Kitchen Hero?

We love working with budding restaurateurs. If you — or someone you know — would like an efficient platform to help you sustainably cater to your foodie customers’ tastes, don’t hesitate to contact Kitchen Hero!

Simply click on “Be Our Partner” from the upper right corner of the Kitchen Hero home page. You’ll be directed to a Partnerships page, where you can learn more about how we help restaurants succeed through our innovative cloud kitchen business model.
You’ll also be directed to a Partnership Form, that you need to accomplish with your restaurant details. For other inquiries, you can also send us an email at

In Summary

Whether you’re hosting a party or setting up your food business, Kitchen Hero can help you craft delicious experiences with professional, eco-friendly flair. Our sustainable cloud kitchen business model brings together hearty food, memorable moments, and a seamless food delivery service for Filipinos all over Mega Manila, and every order placed on our website empowers budding food brands to keep serving fresh finds and all-time favorites to their customers. Through thick and thin, mid-pandemic and beyond, we’ve got each other’s backs. Start satisfying your cravings now by browsing our menus

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